POSTEDTO is an English speaking network, reserved to the international diplomatic families community living around the world and based on an INTERACTIVE exchange of informations. POSTED TO is promoted by EUFASA, EUFASA Welcome Team Permanent Group and by European MFA Spouses local Associations.

On POSTED TO webpages, Members can post requests for help or information, offer their abilities and knowledges to help others, advertise their properties to rent, sell or exchange, address invitations for cultural or national events, exchange reliable information on specific topics and have support from local or international families living a similar experience. MFA families moving to a new Country can find here an online support and a first contact with local life and the diplomatic family community. POSTED TO allows members to save and share their POST REPORTS on Countries where they lived and offers an interactive data base and information about different service providers and the best facilities reserved to the diplomatic community.

In order to avoid abuse or not authorized contents, please note that most of the communication in the website is subject to a MODERATOR CONTROL and published within 24 hours after having been posted.

The first POSTEDTO project was created and developed by ACDMAE (Italian MFA Spouses Association) who created the starting Italy-Rome page. The next page, Portugal-Lisbon page, by ACDP (Portuguese MFA Spouses Association) will be developed soon. EUFASA Welcome Team has also drafted post reports (PDF format) for the following cities: BERLIN (Germany), BUDAPEST (Hungary), BUENOS AIRES (Argentina), CANBERRA (Australia), DUBLIN (Ireland), HELSINKI (Finland), LISBON (Portugal), MADRID (Spain), MASKAT (Oman), STOCKHOLM (Sweden), TALLINN (Estonia), VIENNA (Austria) available to registered members of the diplomatic community on www.eufasa.com

Are you interested to start next POSTEDTO Country webpage? We will be happy to share our experience and support you! Please contact us: info@italy.postedto.com

Become Member, join us and … HAVE A WONDERFUL POST EXPERIENCE!

EUFASA Welcome Team